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The Mentor’s Edge

Performance-Based Mentorship w/ access to compatible peers on an international scale designed to use our past struggles or strife to transport us to our desired destination. Expect to transcend the highest expression we envision for ourselves with blueprinted execution via in-home progression steps, bodyweight exercises in less than 20 minutes and an enhanced psychology. 

What is a mentor?

What is a mentor? I am a consultant, friend, motivational speaker, encourager & a developmental edge that'll pump life into your personal, entrepreneurial & creative career. It’s my job to guide your identified vision, then take your skills against iron & sharpen iron. By increasing awareness I can optimize your abilities to prepare for opportunities and develop a personalized system that will regulate desired behaviors. All completed through accountability, expertise, delivery and speed. Those who 'pull the trigger' can expect to optimize their LyFe by taking a more effective approach towards a specific goal[s]. This is the best way to create more time and gain momentum towards the vision & mission set forth.

what do you wish to be remembered as?!

The only thing that makes us weak is giving up instead of putting one foot in front of the other when times are tough. LyFe Lessons changed my trajectory with the exercises and mindset I gained. My behaviors drastically improved with a system I tailored to my needs and mentorship that can pierce the most stubborn of hearts.

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Starting off the New Year with thanks to Coach P who I met 2 years ago at a gym where he inspired me to work hard and become my best self. He led me through numerous workouts, went grocery shopping with me to start with meal prepping, met with me monthly to go over my accomplishments and help with any questions I had. I then went to the Breast Cancer Seminar he held November 2016 and he gave a thoughtful and knowledgable presentation on breast cancer stats, causes and preventable choices. Very informative. He continues on his journey with more passion and drive than I have ever encountered. So blessed to have had the pleasure to meet and work with and amazing coach and person. Everyone should get to know the founder of The Institute of LyFe and you won’t be let down.

What Do you Do?

I utilitze the power of exercise to modify behaviors as a scientist, primarily for travelers looking to get a grip or evolve from the primitive 9-5 mindset